Lawrence O’Hearn, Ontarian by birth, Quebecois by adoption, former resident of Galway, composer, tin whistler, baroque oboist and passionate enthusiast of Irish, Scottish, Quebecois, Acadian… and classical music, has offered a quite simply gorgeous album stripped to the bare essentials. Accompanied by the respectful and effective guitar and foot percussion of the one and only André Marchand, O’Hearn presents a delightful selection of reels, jigs, lilts all performed with a delicately intimate breath which leaves room for the melodies to shine through. He also performs slow airs, inspired from the Irish sean-nós tradition, coloured by silence, breaths and melancholy. In addition to Ireland, we also embark on a beautiful tour of Quebec that passes through the repertoire of the Billettes, Favreau, Carignan, Soucy and others. We even stop by Mozart, who does not seem out of place here.

-Yves Bernard, Le Devoir