Born in 1974 in rural Southwestern Ontario, Lawrence O’Hearn discovered his passion for traditional Irish music and classical music early in his adolescence. At the age of fourteen, he stumbled upon his first tin whistle and began a long musical voyage. From the jigs and reels learned by ear in the Irish tradition to the scores of J.S. Bach, he would forge his distinctive musical style.

In his late teens, the young tin whistle player became involved in the music scene in the region of Waterloo (Ontario). In his early twenties, Lawrence moved to the west of Ireland to develop and perfect his unique style of tin whistle playing. In May 1995, he released a self-titled album with Niall McQuaid (bodhrán and vocals), an album featuring a number of his original compositions. From 1994 to 1998, he remained active on the Galway traditional music scene and was a member of the group Pangea.

He moved to the west of France in 1999, where he decided to pursue his love for classical music. He entered the Conservatoire National de Musique et de Dance de Lorient to study the baroque oboe with Christian Moreaux and obtained his diploma (CFEM) in 2006. Upon returning to Québec in 2010 and encountering the renowned Québec fiddler Guy Bouchard, Lawrence discovered a vast repertoire of traditional tunes from Québec and their striking similarity to those of Ireland. He has since made it his mission to adapt Quebecois music to his instruments, thus giving a predominantly fiddle and accordion-based music a breath of fresh air.

Lawrence released his album Si l’hiver peut prendre in May 2015, which includes a wide range of traditional tunes from Québec, Ireland, Scotland and Acadia, as well as a few of his original compositions.