We are pleased to announce the release of Bridges in December 2018

St. Brendan’s Ensemble was founded through long-lasting friendships and a shared interest in baroque and traditional Irish music. This collection unites artists of unique complicity, solidified through years of musical collaboration. Here our enduring connections set the groundwork for our interpretation of some well-known masterpieces, as well as some lesser‑known gems of the late baroque period.

The borders between musical genres can often be difficult to straddle. St. Brendan’s Ensemble strives to bridge the gap between baroque and traditional music, presenting the most authentic stylistic renditions of the chosen works while respecting the subtleties of both genres. The use of the Irish whistle as a substitute for other dessus in the Bach and Heinichen trio sonatas, as well as in Telemann’s first fantasia for solo flute, spotlights a relatively exclusive traditional instrument. The playing, musicality and interpretation of the baroque style are carefully respected despite the technical particularities of the instrument, but the unique character of the sound adds an innovative layer and texture to baroque music.

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